I'm Jacomijn. I train
creators, entrepreneurs,
and high achievers

...on overcoming anything and everything that keeps them from taking control of their dreams, business, career or personal life. And take it to the next level.

Who needs to read this?

Are you a creator by heart, a driven leader, but do you feel lost, stuck, unhappy, burned-out, numb or simply uninspired?

Or have you achieved big things, but wonder where to go next?

Sometimes, our succes is our bottleneck. That might sound strange, but I see it all the time.

Success can be our bottleneck

What do we need?

We need someone to help us understand why. To develop a new strategy, a new vision or direction.

I coach on insight and creating exponential impact on your life, your business, and your relationships.


What to expect?

Prepare to get uncomfortable first. We will go deep, deeper than you've ever been before. We'll discover your strengths, weaknesses, and develop a deep understanding of how to use them.

Diving deeper than you've ever been before

This is for the brave who are tired of letting anythying (including themselves) stand in their own way.

I believe in you and your limitless potential. Let's create impact and live your best life!

What clients say

I love working with my clients and fellow growth seekers. These are some of their thoughts and insights about working with me.

A session with Jacomijn was gifted to me by a dear friend of mine. Not only did she help me find a balance between my past and my future, she is also my favorite gift to give, as I truly believe everyone needs a coaching session with Jacomijn.

Mirjam Baraca

Fendi Netherlands

Every single session with Jacomijn has opened up another layer of inner calmness, peace and appreciation.

Every visit is a gift to your mind, heart, soul and body. I highly recommend her.

Jacomijn is the person I would recommend to my family and friends! Besides her broad knowledge and skill-set, her open and warm personality ensured that I felt safe and comfortable from the first moment.

Tamara Villani El Fallahi

PR & Communications at BMW

My transformational leadership program with Jacomijn truly unlocked the essence of my being. Facing my patterns and recognizing my triggers helped me to understand the roots of my behavior and how to unleash my full potential.

My sessions with Jacomijn have been life changing! She helped me to open up, reflect and become a better version of myself. My stress and anxiety levels are much lower thanks to her guidance.

Jordan Garfield

Songwriter & Producer

I had several session with Jacomijn and, I must say, it was a unique experience. The level of support, understanding and professionalism I got from her, made our sessions an amazing deep adventure.


During our first-ever conversation, within no time Jacomijn was able to identify an underlying pain point of mine. Not only do I feel at ease and understood, she also gives me the right tools to overcome and grow.

Jacomijn helped me lift a huge mental weight off myself. She guided me through my past to my present, helping me understand and overcome many mental roadblocks and forge a new path for myself.

Ik gun iedereen een traject bij Jacomijn. Dankzij haar kan ik optimaal performen zowel op werk als privé en haal ik overal het maximale uit zonder uitgeput te raken.

I felt very comfortable to open up and really go deep in understanding my history and create a new path.

Lauren Jeffrey

Country Manager

Get in touch

Let's have a deep and meaningful conversation about creating your next big professional adventure, your biggest dream or vision of life.

After that we will decide together if we are a fit and I will tell you what working with me looks like.