About me

Hello, welcome! I'm glad you're here to learn about me. Let me tell you a little bit about why I love helping my clients reach the next level. I've been a therapist and trainer since 2013.

In 2012, I hit a wall, and I decided to commit myself to mastering myself. I have been doing this ever since, and I still am. I am clean and sober, and I am happy, successful, creative, and fulfilled. I am living out my true potential, and I am still learning. And I love it.

Now, I want the same for you!

Success can be our bottleneck

New possibilities

People come to me for help because they have hit a wall in their lives. They can't keep going the way they have been. Maybe they see other people living free lives and they wonder why they can't have that too, but they are open to new possibilities.

Jacomijn Vlamings speaking in the Inspired by Health podcast

Tap into your subconscious

You can't change something if you don't understand wat lies underneath. That's where hypnotherapy comes in. I am a clinical hypnotherapist and trainer.

Your subconscious mind creates about 90% of your life! So let's deal with that forever! Let's create optimal beliefs, optimal habits, and optimal strategies for high performance!

Diving deeper than you've ever been before

Get in touch

Let's have a deep and meaningful conversation about creating your next big professional adventure, your biggest dream or vision of life.

After that we will decide together if we are a fit and I will tell you what working with me looks like.